• Programming Not Only by Example
    Hila Peleg, Sharon Shoham, Eran Yahav
    ICSE 2018: [paper] [presentation]
    Arxiv: [paper]
  • Abstraction-Based Interaction Model for Synthesis
    Hila Peleg, Shachar Itzhaky, Sharon Shoham
    VMCAI2018: [paper] [presentation]
  • Generating Tests by Example
    Hila Peleg, Dan Rasin, Eran Yahav
    VMCAI2018: [paper (extended)] [presentation]
  • Learn&Fuzz: Machine Learning for Input Fuzzing
    Patrice Godefroid, Hila Peleg, Rishabh Singh
    ASE 2017: [paper]
    Arxiv: [technical report]
  • D3: Data-Driven Disjunctive Abstraction
    Hila Peleg, Sharon Shoham, Eran Yahav
    VMCAI2016: [paper] [presentation]
  • Symbolic Automata for Static Specification Mining
    Hila Peleg, Sharon Shoham, Eran Yahav, Hongseok Yang
    SAS2013: [paper] [presentation] [video]
    Acta Informatica: [paper]
  • Smashing Expectations for Fun and Profit: Intertextuality and “Rip-Off” in the Novels of John Scalzi
    Hila Peleg
    Science Fiction beyond Borders, Ed. Shawn Edrei and Danielle Gurevitch
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016 [book]